Chart Indicators

With the free Chart Indicators you can take your market analysis and trading strategy to a whole new level.

These tools will help you break down complex information according to timeframe, price movements and much more. Chart Indicators also allow you to digest and interpret market information much more readily with multiple ways to configure your terminal: overlays, free-hand marks and windows within windows to see the exact information you need to optimize your own personal trading strategy.

Mini Chart


Define the size and position of the Mini Chart indicator within your MT4 main display. This allows for “picture-in-picture” timeframes or price action on instruments without the need to jump between windows or different MT4 charts.

Pivot Points


Use the Pivot indicator to see the traditional close of the previous day's trading, low and high pivot points. With calculation adjustment you can draw the D1 pivot points superimposed on a H1 chart and change the pivot calculation. You can also superimpose multiple copies of the indicator to a chart.

Highs And Lows


Our High-Low indicator displays historic lows and highs. Add multiple copies of an indicator to a single chart to see various historic levels. You can choose a daily time range so that the highs and lows are applied to essential trading hours. You can even set up a notification if a price crosses either historic lows or highs.

Renko Bars


The Renko bar indicator superimposes Renko bars on MT4/5 chart, creating user defined blocks of different duration/lengths and range blocks. When used with MT4, you can use this tool to generate an offline traditional Renko view, the blocks remain the same size but the duration on the X axis becomes variable.

Chart Group


Chart Group indicator creates connections between charts allowing you to change a symbol across all connected charts automatically. Open M5, M15, H1 and D1 charts. This allows you to dynamically change between multiple open positions – or CFD instruments. You can also synchronize timeframes, allowing you to set multiple groups of charts which will still work independently.

Symbol Info


Symbol Info creates a drag-and-drop window in the MT4/5 interface and displays valuable information such as the daily percentage change, and the lows and highs of the day in correlation with the instrument’s current price. You can choose your own indicators and implement them across various timeframes, and you can use multiple indicator copies on a MT4/5 chart.



Gravity indicator delineates speculative support and resistance areas in correction with its last price action, with user defined colors that will help you recognize segments of weaker and stronger activity. You can use this indicator in the current timeline, using for all current price activity, or you can specify the time period.



Chart-in-Chart indicator displays the price of another CFD instrument as a window within a window on your main active chart. This tool allows you to superimpose multiple windows over a chart to view multiple instruments simultaneously. You can invert a currency to see its price action, or open the same instrument in another window and add moving averages.



Use the Magnifier indicator to create a scalable, draggable window within your primary MT4/5 chart that "zooms in" on specific bars, ultimately lowering the timeframe of that section. The Magnifier allows you to essentially change your current chart to a different time frame without the need to open a new chart for the same instrument.

Order History


Order History indicator displays the historic trading activity compared the price history of an instrument. It creates markers indicating the exit and entry each of the historic positions, and also creates bands at the bottom of the charts showing you an overview of the previous open positions. This of course includes the chart symbol, and any and all other markets.

Freehand Drawing


Draw directly on the chart you have open with the Freehand Drawing tool, hold down the D key move your mouse, it’s that simple and efficient. If you are a trainer, presenter, trade leader or anyone that needs to make notes in real time on their charts, then this will be the perfect tool for you.

Bar Changer


Use Bar Changer to generate an offline chart within MT4 that displays a modified chart that the indicator is running on. Bar Changer allows you to customize bar data including the time of the bars and the display the price. You also focus on just one part of the day by excluding non-essential hours.

Keltner Channel


Watch the Keltner channels with the Keltner indicator. Set all the standard parameters to calculate the Keltner channels, and modify the type of moving average the price used and change the indicator to notify you whenever the real-time price dips below the low or breaks through the upper channel.

Donchian Channel


Beyond the baseline calculation this indicator also uses variants - average of the last N highs/lows. Configure the indicator to magnify the high-low range/percentage, or by a multiplier of SD or ATR. See values of a higher timeframe, and much like other channel indicators set up notifications to alert you when instrument a price moves above Donchian lows and highs.

Candle Countdown


Know exactly when you reach the end of a bar with Candle Countdown indicator - implement this on a current chart timeframe, or a timeframe that you define. Configure this indicator to alert you as the end of the bar approaches.


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