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Historic Volatility

Historical volatility is an indicator that shows price volatility. The instrument graphically represents dynamics of a price change expressed as a percentage. The ratio is derived by using a closing price of the previous trading period. The higher the ratio, the higher was volatility of a trading instrument.

How to use
In the "Chart value range" field, type in your required range. "Chart value range" means a time period for which data is going to be processed. In the "Period" field, type in your required timeframe. For example, for the Chart value range that equals 14, the chart will show the history of a price change of the instrument for the last 14 weeks. For the Period with a (the) value of D1, the chart will show data where each step is equal to one day.

Pivot Point

Pivot points (reverse points) are automatically calculated for the chosen pair. If the current price remains above the Pivot level, it shows that the Bullish sentiment prevails. If the price remains below the Pivot level, the Bearish sentiment prevails on the market. When the price reaches support levels S2 or S3, it indicates that the pair is oversold and is likely to reverse soon. When the price reaches resistance levels R2 or R3, it indicates that the pair is overbought and is likely to reverse soon.

How to use
In the "Chart value range" field, type in your required range and press "Calculate". The chart will return Pivot levels and support S and resistance R levels.

US Interest Rate

An interest rate hike in the US leads to strengthening in the Dollar and this tool can be used to foresee the situation in advance and make a correct trading decision. The probability of above 50% indicates that more market participants assume the Fed will increase the interest rate by 0.25% at the upcoming meeting. Probabilities below 50% indicate that market participants do not expect the rate to be increased at the nearest meeting.

Interest rate hike probability expresses the market expectation of a probable tightening of US monetary policy following Federal Open Market Committee’s (FOMC) meeting outcome. The probability is computed by using the prices of 30-Day Federal Funds Futures that are traded on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange.

Forex Market Review


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